Silverware Ring
Silverware Ring

Silverware Ring

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Silverware Rings have been given as tokens of love since the 17th Century.
Both Women's and Men's styles available
Handmade to order. Choose material, finish, size, and other options. Design is limited only by your imagination!
You may be able to use your own silverware for a unique heirloom gift.

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Silverware Rings have been given as tokens of love since the 17th Century. While the tradition diminished with the industrial revolution, there has been a resurgence since the 1960’s as people began making, giving and wearing spoon rings as a way of re-purposing and recycling, and just for their beauty.

Give a silverware ring handmade to your unique design specifications to show your love for someone special, or for yourself (because after all, you are special). Spoon rings can be a great gift for men as well as women. There are plenty of masculine designs in silverware.

Choose the style of ring, material, size gender and give us an idea of the recipient's likes. Currently Mystik Metal chooses the actual silverware pattern, but please let us know if you you have family silverware you'd like to use. (Prior approval needed before ordering. Please Read the Use Your Own Silverware information and complete the Personal Silverware Use Approval form below.)

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