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SpoonScapes© are the newest offering from Mystik Metals. This pendant depicts a tiny cave with bats.
Part Number: SpoonScapes-06
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Unique 3-D scene in a spoon!
Amazingly different!
Each piece is absolutely unique!

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SpoonScapes© are the newest offering from Mystik Metals. This pendant is a tiny 3-D scene of a with bats The pendant starts out with an antique spoon bowl that is carefully hand pierced using an ultra thin jewelers saw blade. Additional portions of the cave are cut from the spoon bowl bent and soldered inside the spoon bowl along with a hanging sterling silver, or brass bat and additions flying bats to give the pendant a 3-D effect. A copper backing is added for color and everything is silver soldered in place. An adjustable waxed polyester cord, or your choice of chain is added to complete the necklace.

Please realize that every piece is carefully handmade and thus every pendant will be unique. There will also likely be variations on the placement of each component. If you choose a larger soup spoon, an additional component may be added to balance the scene. While we will strive to make your SpoonScape© pendant as soon as possible, we sometimes get very busy with other orders. Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete your order.

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